Tire Recycling Planter Ideas for Garden Decoration


Today we’ll give information to you about rescuing a tire and turning it into a planter. However, we now give some gorgeous examples of recycled tire planters. In addition to that, we are sure that some of these will fit your balcony, garden, or terrace.

There is an example of a painted with summer color one. In other words, one of your garden corners may be beautified by this lovely tire. recycled items are indispensable parts of DIY projects, such as recycled tire planters.

Recycle Gardening Ideas at Home

Literally, it could be the best idea about the vertical decoration with a used tire. Besides that, you do not need to paint it. So, if you have time to paint it, it will look like a painted tire below.

In addition, the examples below might be hanged to a bough of the tree. Moreover, much more examples can be found until the end of this page.

Tire Recycling Planter Ideas

Now, it is time to see what it will look like when doing this project.

1. Tire Planter Hanging On Tree


2. Tire Planter Hanging Bough Of the Tree


3. Hanging Tire Planter Indoor


4. Creative Recycled Tire Planter


5. Flower Tire Planter in Backyard


6. Colorful Tire Planter


7. Amazing Creative Tire Planter

Tire Recycling Planter Ideas

8. Hanging Flower Tire Planter

Tire Recycling Planter Ideas

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9. Half Cut Hanging Tire Planter

Tire Recycling Planter Ideas

10. Creative Half Cut Hanging Tire Planter

Tire Recycling Planter Ideas



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