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16 Amazing Concrete Jewelry Ideas

#shilpidea_174 We are always on the lookout for news from the world of crafts and one that is very popular out there is handmade jewelry, especially those made of wood, metal and resin.¬†But one of the coolest options is cement jewelry.¬†If you don’t know, then come see a lot of cool tips and how you […]

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10 Beautiful Ideas to Make Rings with Buttons

#shilpidea_0129 There are many cool examples for you to use as ideas to make your handmade rings too. In that way, you will be able to create perfect jewelry to sell to your customers. And even to make accessories with handicrafts that guarantee very original results to give a shine to your look. Learn how […]

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10 Unique and Beautiful Concrete Earrings Ideas

#shilpidea_0118 Concrete Earrings Ideas are the best ideas for selling purposes and for DIY. And many crafters are selling their unique and attractive handmade concrete earrings on Etsy Shops. As a result, they are earning thousands of dollars just by selling their unique designs.¬† That’s why people from all over the world coming on Etsy […]

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10 Beautiful Quilling Earrings Design Ideas

#shilpidea_0088 Quilling earrings are easy to make. You can make beautiful designs with different colors. You can also make earning by selling your handmade quilling earrings. Many people are selling handmade jewelry on Etsy. Some of these we have listed. You can also buy these from other Etsy sellers. Best Quilling Animals Activity Ideas for […]

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Button Earrings Designs and Ideas

#shilpidea_0068 Recycle your old buttons into unique button earrings. You can try these at home.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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Handmade Quilling Earrings Unique Ideas

#shilpidea_0064 If you love nature and want something natural to wear then these are the best designs. These designs are very unique and give an elegant natural look all the time.                       Happy Crafting!!!

quilling-earrings-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Handmade Quilling Earrings by Shilpidea

#shilpidea_0046 We made these earrings 5 years back and now you can make the same. Try these designs. You can also buy some of these earrings in our shilpidea shop.                           Happy Crafting!!!

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Button Earrings Design Ideas at Home

#shillpidea_0040 Try these button earrings ideas at your home.¬† You can recycle your old buttons and turn them into beautiful handmade earrings.                       Happy Crafting!!!

handmade-quilling-paper-3d-earrings-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Handmade Quilling Paper 3D Earrings

#shilpidea_0025 Looking for some great ideas to make quilling earrings? Here are some beautiful designs that look like 3D shapes.                     Happy Crafting!!!

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Earrings Ideas made with Plastic Bottles

#shilpidea_0021 Here are some earrings designs that were made out of waste plastic bottles. You can also use your plastic bottles for such brilliant designs.                     Happy Crafting!!!

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