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Warli Painting for Home Decor

#shilpidea_0076 Warli painting is a Tribal Art from Maharashtra. It is used to decor home walls. But now warli paintings are famous worldwide. Many artists making these paintings on selling these on eCommerce Place like Etsy. You can also buy some of these from Etsy.                     […]

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Warli Painting – How to Make Man and Woman

#shilpidea_0073 Learn warli painting step by step. In this post, you can learn to make man and woman in warli painting. Very easy to understand.     Happy Crafting!!!

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10 Unique Warli Paintings – Tribal Art

#shilpidea_0005 Tribal art Warli paintings for home decoration. Very simple and beautiful painting design ideas. You can make these at your home and can engage your kids with you. You can use warli painting on any object or home decor items like calendar, postcard, greeting card, wall clock, etc. 30 Unique and Creative Wooden Clock […]

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