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10 Artistic Illusion Photography Ideas with Mirror

#shilpidea_0099 Using reflections in photography varies from dramatic landscape shots to detailed macro compositions. It is harder than first thought as it is hard to capture reflective photographs because it requires you to think about your perspective differently. When done perfectly, however, the rewards can be wonderful producing incredibly beautiful images of reflections. Artistic Illusion […]

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Cute Birds and Animals Photography

#shilpidea_0096 I captured these photos during my college time. Sometimes in faculty garden, sometimes canteen but most of the photos I captured inside the college campus. Cute Birds and Animals 1. Cat in Garden

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10 Easy Photography Shots in Full Moon

#shilpidea_0079 Photography is a good hobby and many people love nature’s photography. But, some photographers think beyond and above. That is why their photography reaches another level. It is their perspective to see nature from different angles and thinking. Below are some photographs were taken in the full moonlight. You can also do such photography. […]

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Random Photography in Evening

#shilpidea_0066 One evening, I captured some random photos at the social place, India Gate. People gather here to enjoy small picnics and to see India Gate.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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Photography Ideas in Evening With Sun

#shilpidea_0055 Here are some photography ideas you can shot with Sun in the evening time. Just you have to think differently.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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Macro Photography in Garden

#shilpidea_0053 I love photography and these are some macro photographs I have captured during my college time. The last one took 10 minutes to capture.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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Cute Girls Portrait Photography

#shilpidea_0036 These happy, adorable, and gorgeous little cute girls will make your day. Girls love to animals and birds with smiling faces.                     Happy Crafting!!!

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