Paper & Quilling Craft

Paper & Quilling Craft

Beautiful Paper Birthday Cards Ideas

#shilpidea_291 This tip is really cool to do at home and make beautiful birthday card. Something simple but that can be a big surprise for that special person you love. Check out how you can do it in this post we brought to your learning. All you need to do is provide some colored paper […]

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10 Bunny Rabbits with Toilet Paper Rolls for Easter Decoration

#shilpidea_243 In this post we’ll show you bunnies with toilet paper rolls for Easter decoration.¬†It is a very beautiful way to create a cute ornament and it can be a success in your party decoration. It can also be a beautiful Easter activity to do with your students at the school, classroom or daycare you […]

Paper & Quilling Craft

18 Best Christmas Wreath Ideas with Paper and Disposable Recycling

#shilpidea_237 What a beautiful thing this Christmas Wreath with Paper and Recycling.¬†Learn how to create and decorate your home, school. It’s a tip that just as it’s easy, it’s very quick to create.¬†Check out the tip and also do it to decorate a little corner of your choice with a lot of cuteness.¬† 10 Best […]

Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful Christmas Card Ideas

#shilpidea_228 We’ll show you 10 beautiful ideas on how to make a Christmas Card.¬†Make yours too and delight everyone with a creative and handcrafted card. These are ideas that will certainly make you very inspired to create cute Christmas cards.¬†Careful in the making and you will certainly earn a lot of praise. Learn How to […]

Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful paper flowers inspiration

#shilpidea_205 We will show you examples of beautiful paper flowers for inspiration.¬†These are certainly ideas that you can fall in love with and create at home too. With references and creative inspirations we can always go further when it comes to decorating with paper.¬†You can create beautiful flowers with cardboard, colored paper and even tissue […]

paper-box-design-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

16 Cute and Beautiful Paper Box Ideas for Gifts

#shilpidea_131 If you are looking for cute and beautiful paper box ideas for gifts and other occasions, these are the best templates. Even, you can make these paper boxes very easily. Because these templates will help you to understand layout design and folding instructions. Even you can print the layout on paper then you can […]

quilling-shapes-2-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Quilling Tutorials for Beginners from Basics

This post for all those who want to learn quilling from basics. You can find quilling tutorials for beginners from the basics to learn this art. Quilling is the art to roll paper strips and turn them into a beautiful and decorative design. In this quilling technique paper strips are rolled, looped, curled, twisted to […]

paper-butterfly-design-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful Paper Butterfly Design Ideas

#shilpidea_0097 In this paragraph, I am going to provide you some beautiful paper butterfly design ideas you can make at home. Similarly, you can make your own invitations for birthday parties and special occasions. You can go with these sweet butterfly ideas. You can use these butterfly design ideas for family and friends. And even […]

paper-flower-for-home-decor-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful Paper Flowers Ideas for Home Decoration

#shilpidea_0095 If you love the flowers in your garden then you have to pay attention to them give them water and all things. But in the case of paper flowers, you don’t need to do all this. You just make the flower and put it in the place you want. And these beautiful flowers stay […]

quilling-earring-designs-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful Quilling Earrings Design Ideas

#shilpidea_0088 Quilling earrings are easy to make. You can make beautiful designs with different colors. You can also make earning by selling your handmade quilling earrings. Many people are selling handmade jewelry on Etsy. Some of these we have listed. You can also buy these from other Etsy sellers. Best Quilling Animals Activity Ideas for […]

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