25 Unique and Beautiful Concrete Planters Design Ideas


If you want to décor your garden or home with your own handmade concrete pots, then we have brought some unique design ideas.

This is also an honest DIY when you want to make your garden more beautiful. These concrete pots are really simple to make but unique in their looks. You can make them very easily without extra effort or training. And you will enjoy your own masterpiece in your garden or home.

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Handmade Concrete Planters Design

These 25 design ideas for concrete planters will help you to understand creativity and uniqueness.

And people love these kinds of concrete planters. Even if you make it your business, it will be a good choice for your earning and you will make new designs every day.

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These designs look very professional and creative. You can modify the size and design according to your material and requirement.

1. Concrete Planter with Geometrical Design

133_Concrete Pot Design Ideas_1

2. Cylinder Design Pot with Solid Color


3. Concrete Large Planter and Pen Holder


4. Stencils Design Concrete Planter


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5. DIY Asymmetrical Concrete Planters


6. DIY Painted Cinder Block Planters


7. Geometric Painted Pots Easy DIY Idea


8. Small Gradient Concrete Planter

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9. Small Round Shaped Concrete Planter


10. Texture Painted Cement Pot


11. Concrete Pot with Paint Lines


12. Concrete Pot with Textured Design Paint

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13. Cement Pot with Mandala Drawing


14. Bowl Shaped Planter with Mandala Design


15. Small Bowl Flat Shaped Planters


16. Cylindrical Shaped with Metallic Paint


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17. Small Cement Pot for Tabletop

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18. Square Design Concrete Pots

Concrete Planters Design

19. Pen and Card Holder Plant Pot

Concrete Planters Design

20. DIY Beton Diamantals Plant Hanger

Concrete Planters Design

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21. Hanging Cement Pot for Wall Art

Concrete Planters Design
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22. Diamond Shaped Concrete Pots

Concrete Planters Design

23. Heart-Shaped Concrete Pot

Concrete Planters Design

24. Ball Bricks Concrete Pot

Concrete Planters Design

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25. Bag Shaped Concrete Pot

Concrete Planters Design

We always find the best and unique design ideas that can inspire you and you can do yourself very easily. Even you can engage your family members and can spend good time with making these.

And if you love this post, share it with your friends and social media groups so everyone can enjoy making these handmade wooden lamp designs.


Happy Crafting!!!


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