10 Amazing Concrete Door Weight Ideas


If you want to do something creative and unique then you have come to the right place.¬†look how cool this wonderful tip is for making a door weight with cement.¬†If you’re looking to create a super useful and stylish utensil to use, sell or give away, then check out the Ten ideas.

To make a beautiful piece of weight, you’ll need a base mold, a handle that can be metal, rope, or leather, 1 kg of cement and sand to prepare the weight body, and paints to decorate.¬†You will surely be amazed at the simplicity.

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A kitchen pot or a small one can be used as a mold, in addition, the bottom of the weight can be insulated with a cloth or felt pieces to avoid scratching the floor when used.

Another detail that cannot be forgotten is the weight in kilograms necessary to keep the door still, as depending on the environment, the wind or size of the door may require a greater weight or not.

Amazing Concrete Door Weight Ideas

Surely you will find a beautiful example that will suit your home because there are 10 images that show super beautiful options.

1. Concrete White Door Stopper


2. Bottle Base Shape Door Weight


3. Square Shape Concrete Door Weight


4. Concrete Door Weight with White Rope


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5. Concrete Doorstop with Twisted Jute Rope


6. Abstract Doorstop


7. Red Painted Thick Base Doorstop

amazing concrete door weight ideas

8. Dumbbell Inspired Doorstop

amazing concrete door weight ideas

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9. Flat Base Concrete Doorstop

amazing concrete door weight ideas

10. Concrete Home Shape Doorstop

amazing concrete door weight ideas



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