7 Amazing Eggshell Craft Activity for Kids

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Children‚Äôs imaginations, play a large part in the formation of the kid’s mental character. It creates a creative mind, self-assurance, assists with understanding information about his general surroundings and his place in them.

By causing your little one to notice the materials at hand, you’ll instruct him to consider new ideas.

Amazing Eggshell Crafts

For instance, welcome your little girl or child to make creative designs from eggshells with their own hands.

For youngsters, working with delicate material is fascinating.

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How to Prepare Eggshells

Firstly, you have to prepare empty and strengthen eggshells from eggs. It is recommended to make such blank shells in advance so that at the moment of inspiration they are at hand.

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Below is the method to make eggshells:

  1. Free the shell from the contents, for which purpose pierce two opposite holes with a thick needle and gently blow the egg out.
  2. Rinse the workpiece under a stream of warm water until the flowing liquid becomes transparent.
  3. Expand the lower hole slightly and pour a small amount of PVA glue into the shell. Twist the egg so that the glue is evenly distributed along the walls from the inside. This technique will give strength to the craft.
  4. Dry the eggshells for 15-20 minutes before starting work.


Eggshell Crafts for Babies

Kids of 3-4 years are probably not going to independently without the assistance of their parents, make a craft from eggshells.

This activity is especially for kids and parents can simply watch, support, and guide them accordingly.

Now, let your kid imagine what animal or object does the egg look like? Let the child dream up by mentally completing the details.

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When the idea is ripe, start implementing it and make a beautiful figurine from a whole eggshell with your own hands.

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We offer ideas for simple crafts for young children.

  • It is convenient to create animal figurines because kids formerly know some animals like a dog, a cat, a cow, etc.
  • It’s up to the little one to draw frosty patterns, snowflakes, funny faces on the eggshell, glue a loop of thick thread.

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Eggshell Crafts Grassland

Children will never refuse to make a craft with their own hands and at the same time conduct a cognitive botanical experiment.

  1. Blow the egg out of the shell, dry it.
  2. Expand the upper hole and pour some soil into the shell (just above the middle of the egg).
  3. Moisten the soil and plant seeds of onion or tomato.
  4. Make a stand by gluing a thin strip of cardboard into a ring.
  5. Draw a funny face on a shell.
  6. Put the craft into the light. Let the children water this little cute planter periodically.
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When the greens grow up, the grass will get a chic voluminous hairstyle, and the children will have a lot of impressions!


Eggshell Crafts For Children 5-6 Years Old

Children of age 5-6 years old use their finger movements well enough to grab a small piece of eggshell. Encourage them to make their crafts more difficult.

Shell candle

A few small candles on the kitchen table and twilight will turn an ordinary dinner into a holiday.

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Importantly, all manipulations should be performed under the supervision of one of the parents.

  1. Free the shell using the method described above.
  2. Extend the top hole up to 2-3 cm.
  3. Thread a strong woolen thread into the holes, the future wick.
  4. Place the shell with a blunt end on a stack.
  5. Melt the wax in a small container and pour it into the eggshell.

After the wax has completely solidified, cut off the wick, leaving a small tip. Paint the shell with paints or felt-tip pens.

Eggshell Crafts Collage

Small shells painted in different colors with watercolors will help you to create a beautiful home decoration with your own hands.

  1. Select more large pieces of shell, rinse and dry, remove the inner skin from them.
  2. Paint the outer walls of the shell in different bright colors, wait for the paint to dry.
  3. Select a template picture and transfer it to a piece of cardboard or draw outlines by hand with a simple pencil.
  4. Spread a small area of the drawing with glue and fill it with shells of the desired shade, after crushing a large shell.
  5. After finishing the applique, make sure that all areas have firmly adhered to. If there is not enough glue somewhere, gently brush this place with a thin brush.

When the picture dries up, place it in a frame under the glass and boldly hang it on the wall. It will not fade for a very long time.

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Happy Crafting!!!



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