10 Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas



Now you can make beautiful concrete candle holder designs at your home. We are showing 10 unique as well as antique candle holder ideas that you can make easily at your home.

Candle lights give a wonderful view and relax in the night and a good option to decorate your home on different occasions. And these handmade candle holders will give something classical and extraordinary look to your home.

This is the reason, most of the restaurants, hotels, spa centers, etc use candle lights to give immense look to their space.


These designs are from the best creators and you can approach them. We are giving links to every design idea for examples, so you can reach the creator. And you can also buy directly from them.

10 Unique Plastic Bottle Candle Holder Ideas

10 Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas

We always provide the best 10 ideas or designs of its category. Likewise, these candle holders easy to make, beautiful, antique, unique, and very creative.


You can understand the design technique and make your own. If you want to buy these, you can click on the link given with each design.

Materials Required:

To make your own concrete candle holder, you can use waste items from your house. Here is a list of items you will require to make like these.

  1. Waste plastic bottles, JAR, cracked cups, cane, containers, etc.
  2. Cardboard to make a customized mold
  3. Small size concrete stones
  4. If don’t have concrete stones, then use sand
  5. Cement

How to Make Concrete Candle Holder:

Firstly, cut the waste item you have to make a mold. Like if you have plastic bottles, you can use their base as mold. It will give a unique design to the candle holder.

If you have other waste materials like cups or containers, you can use them accordingly. You can also make the customized mold by using the cardboard sheet.


Secondly, make concrete by mixing the stone or sand with cement in the ratio of 2:1. Two portions of concrete stones or sand and one portion of cement. Mix it well with water, so easily you can put it in your mold.

After filling your mold, put a paper cup in it to make space to place candles in it.


Then, let it dry for 2-3 days and then dip in water for another day. This will give your concrete model enough strength.

Finally, your concrete candle holder is ready. You can also decorate them with different color paint. But original concrete color gives an antique look.


1. Heart Shape in Two Pieces

Buy from BetoninForm

2. Candle Holder and Candle Stand

0125_concrete candle holder design ideas_2

3. Tabletop Heart Candle Holder

Buy from SplendiniDecor

4. Concrete Tea Light Holder

Buy from ElementalDesignStore

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5. Concrete Ball Holder

Buy from CuivreBeton

6. Concrete Pot Candle Holder

Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas
Buy from motoroto

7. Black Copper Candle Holder

Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas
Buy from CuivreBeton

8. Pillow Shape Candle Holder

Buy from BetonkunstDE

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9. Tabletop Concrete Tea Light Holder

Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas
Buy from charlieandfinn

10. Sweet Home Candle Holder

Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas
Buy from AnsonDesign

11. Bows Concrete Tea Light Holder

Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas
Buy from BetoninForm

The most important thing here is, you can make your own handmade candle holder. And additionally, you can sell them online at a good price. Because there are lots of people who love antique handmade items.

Like above, many creators are making money by selling their handmade candle holders.

Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder Design Ideas

Happy Crafting!!!


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