Beautiful Glass tables Ideas with succulents


For those who enjoy succulents, every place can be used to plant, but this idea is really innovative and sensational. See several ideas for glass tables with succulents and get inspired.

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Any table can be adapted to do this, superimposing a glass top tall enough to accommodate the seedlings. Then just create the arrangement and slash the plants.

Glass Tables with Succulents

It’s perfect with dining tables, bigger and more robust, but on coffee tables it’s even more charming and attractive, like the one in the picture above.

Sideboards look great as glass tables with succulents too, and it’s a blast with dangling succulents like donkey’s tail and pearl necklace.¬†Try using dry logs, river pebbles, sand and make memorable arrangements.

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You can also take advantage of vases and order a metallic structure to support the glass.

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