10 Beautiful Unique Handmade Concrete & Glass Vase


If you want to do something creative and unique then you have come to the right place.

We have brought some such ideas for you by which you can enhance the beauty of your home not only home you can also keep it in your office. Cement that you all know is used for construction, but do you know that you can also use it to decorate your home. So in today’s post, we are going to show you some unique things made of cement, which you can also make in your home.

25 Unique and Beautiful Concrete Planters Design Ideas

10 Beautiful Concrete And Glass Vase For Home Decoration

Vase made of cement & glass that you can make at home and also buy.

1. Handmade Concrete & Glass Vase


2. Creative Concrete & Glass Vase


3. Concrete & Glass Vase


4. Cylinder Shape Concrete & Glass Vase


10 Beautiful and Unique Concrete Planter Ideas

5. Square Base Concrete & Glass Vase


6. Concrete & Glass Bottle Vase


7. Bottle Shape Concrete And & Glass Vase

Handmade Concrete & Glass Vase

8. Set Of Three Concrete & Glass Vase

9. Bowl Shape Concrete & Glass Vase

Handmade Concrete & Glass Vase

10. Concrete & Glass Test Tube Vase

Handmade Concrete & Glass Vase



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