10 Creative Rock Stones Decorate Ideas for Your Desk



If you are thinking of any eye-catching and attention-grabbing DIY innovative projects, check out some of the options I have saved. Style your desk with these amazing rock stone paintings.

You can make your own painting or design on rock stones. The painting theme could be anything of your choice. If you love nature, you can make scenery or flowers. If you love animals or birds, you can make a simple bird or animal in a cute style.

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10 Creative Rock Stones Decorate Ideas

1. Flower Painting on Rockstone


2. Mandala Art on Rockstone


3. Yellow Flower Painting on Rockstone

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4. Black Branches Painting


5. Target Circle Painting

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6. Palm on Beach Painting

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7. Mandala Tree Painting on Rockstone


8. Bird Painting on Rockstone

rock stone decorate

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9. Cute Baby Horse on Rockstone

rock stone decorate

10. Heart Leaves

rock stone decorate

rock stone decorate

Happy Crafting!!!



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