16 Cute and Beautiful Paper Box Ideas for Gifts



If you are looking for cute and beautiful paper box ideas for gifts and other occasions, these are the best templates.

Even, you can make these paper boxes very easily. Because these templates will help you to understand layout design and folding instructions. Even you can print the layout on paper then you can fold accordingly.

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Cute and Beautiful Paper Box Ideas

We have collected 16 very cute paper box design templates that are easy to make and looks beautiful. You can also download the free eBook template and can print it.

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1. Square Paper Box

You can make this box easily, and you can change the dimensions of the box accordingly. You can use this box for small jewelry packing like earrings, rings, tops, etc.


2. Heart Paper Box

You can use this box for packing candy, toffy, dry fruits, and other stuff. This cute paper box with a heart upper side will give feeling by heart.


3. Transparent Heart Paper Box / Pillow Box

This tiny box is a special box because you can see the item in the box from a transparent heart-shaped window.


4. Paper Box with Lid

This corrugated design box is simply amazing and it is made in two parts. The first part is the Lid with rope to pull out from the other second part. You can cut the design in heart shape or any other shape you like.


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5. Paper Box with Open/Close Lid

This paper box is beautiful and unique. In this design, you don’t need to tie the box with ribbon or rope. It has its own open/close lid setting so you can easily open this and close this.


6. Flat Square Paper Box

Surprisingly, this is the easiest box you can make. It will not take much time to finish this. Even it is beautiful and you can pack jewelry or other small stuff.


7. Irregular Paper Box

This is a unique, innovative, and easy-to-make design. I also love the design and quote printed on this. Even you can write anything inside or outside of this box to surprise your loved ones.


8. Irregular Paper Box

This cute box you can print on custom design paper or you can also customize the shape before print. You can customize the edges of the box or upper half-circle.


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9. Carry Paper Box

This tiny carry box with a transparent one-side window is perfect for gifting purposes. You can add custom designs or text while printing the template.

paper box design

10. Square Paper Box with Heart

This box is with a heart-shaped lid that used to open or pack. You can add ribbons or stickers as an addition to make the box look more beautiful.

paper box design

11. Paper Box by JallyDesign

This simple cute box is perfect for a small gift and jewelry packaging. You can print this template on custom design paper or texture color paper. If you want to add your own designs, you can add them very easily and print them.

paper box design

12. Dress Shaped Paper Box

The box is great for the Souvenir or Party Favor box.

paper box design

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13. Cube Paper Box

This is Cube shape paper box with round shapes above to pack.

paper box design

14. Pyramid Paper Box

This pyramid box is great for small gifts or party decorations; wedding, dining table birthday, surprise, game night, or engagement, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation, bachelor, bachelorette, bat/bar mitzvah, party, etc.

paper box design
paper box design

15. Cube Paper Box

This cute cube box is made with two layouts and then tie with ribbon.

paper box design

16. Gift Paper Box

This is a nice project to reuse the carton box or other boxes. You can also use thick printed paper.

paper box design

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Happy Crafting!!!


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