Best Sand art terrariums Ideas


This tip is sensational for anyone who loves terrariums, as in addition to the beauty of the succulents, the sand has become a work of art. So stay with us to see the terrariums with sand art show and learn to do it step by step.

10 beautiful Unique Ideas for Making Terrariums

Learn How To Make 

You just need to have sand with different colors and textures and place it along the glass with the help of a spoon and toothpicks, like this barbecue for example. The ideal is to preserve the plant in a smaller pot in the center and do it little by little.

Examples How to Make a Layered Sand Terrarium

You can also make the designs below and use another substrate above for the plant so that you can move the plant without changing the design.

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Colored is even more sensational and youthful, it will certainly fall in love with anyone who receives such a beauty as a gift.


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