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Learn How to make Kokedama step by step

#shilpidea_182 The kokedamas¬†are a real success besides being beautiful and very practical to make.¬†Because you will need few materials and if you are already used to gardening, you probably have them all in your house. 8 Amazing Ideas for How to Plant Succulents Differently But what are kokedamas anyway. Kokedamas are these balls formed by […]

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20 Amazing Ideas for Home decoration with cactuses

#shilpidea_172 We brought you inspirations on how to decorate home with cactuses.¬†After all, it’s always nice to be able to create delicate ornaments with cactuses. The coolest thing is that they are simple tips to apply.¬†In other words, you will be able to do everything with great practicality and in an easy way.¬†Also because there […]

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8 Amazing Ideas for How to Plant Succulents Differently

#shilpidea_166 We brought inspiration on how to plant succulents in a different and creative way.¬†These are the ideas that we brought in this post.¬†Do it especially if you like these unique ways to create succulent decorations. It has a lot of cool ideas that can inspire you a lot. Also because they are ways that […]

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10 Beautiful and Unique Pallet Planter Ideas For Garden Decoration

#Shilpidea_146 Before talking about pallet planters in detail, it is necessary to say that pallets are very suitable and decorative materials for different areas of our home, garden, and balcony. Simply, pallets are flat structures made of wood and used in transportation and storage operations. Furthermore, they are strong and durable because they are made […]

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10 Amazing Creative Ideas With Wooden Pallets For Wall And Garden Decoration

#shilpidea_145 If you want to decorate your garden with your own handmade Pallets, then we have brought some unique design ideas. One of the most overlooked sources of recycled materials in the garden is the humble wood pallet. In addition to being a source of free raw materials and a way to recycle in the […]

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Amazing And Unique Bonsai Tree Gardening Ideas

#shilpidea_144 Today, let us learn Bonsai Gardening Techniques. Bonsai trees are potted plants. This is a Japanese Art. Bonsai gardening is an art of horticulture that will involve the growth and training of small trees into tiny ones which are termed as Bonsai trees. Though Bonsai gardening is one belonging to Japan, it basically started […]

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7 Benefits to Do Gardening Yourself

#shilpidea_0130 Gardening is not only a popular hobby, it can also be good for our body and mind.¬†Numerous studies have directly linked the effects of gardening to a better quality of life. Air Gooty ‚Äď Plant a Tree Without Seed 7 Reason to Do Gardening Yourself It makes you healthy and happy and can be […]

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4 Simple Life Hacks for Planting Flowers and Vegetables

#shilpidea_0128 If you want to grow your own flowers and vegetables. Then these 4 tips for sowing and simple life hacks for planting flowers and vegetables will help you.¬†Life Hacks for Planting It’s time to get your garden or your own balcony ready for spring again. Learn with us how you can design a great […]

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10 Unique Bamboo Pot Ideas for Home Decor

#shilpidea_0126 These are some beautiful and unique bamboo pot DIY ideas. And you can make these for your home decor or gardening. Most importantly, you can use bamboo in many different DIY projects. In other words, it is the best alternative to wood and other raw material. Moreover, the best thing about bamboo is its […]

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Air Gooty – Plant a Tree Without Seed

#shilpidea_0114 You have hardly heard of ‚ÄúAir Gooty‚ÄĚ name before. But it is a very fun activity as well as very beneficial. So do take this post till the end and after commenting, tell us what you have learned from it and where you can use it. What Is Air Gooty? First of all, this […]

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