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10 Creative Rock Stones Decorate Ideas for Your Desk

#shilpidea_0094 If you are thinking of any eye-catching and attention-grabbing DIY innovative projects, check out some of the options I have saved. Style your desk with these amazing rock stone paintings. You can make your own painting or design on rock stones. The painting theme could be anything of your choice. If you love nature, […]

rock-stone-paintig-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

10 Best Rock Stone Painting Ideas for Desk

#shilpidea_00086 You can decorate your desk with rock stones. And if you paint them with some designs or cute animals then these will give elegant look. It depends on your creativity, what you want to make on those stones. 1. Bird Painting on Rockstone 2. Cute Peacock Painting on Rockstone 3. Swan & Heart Shape […]

button-craft-home-decor-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

10 Best Button Craft Ideas for Home Decoration

#shilpidea_0081 These are the top 10 best button craft ideas to reuse your old and waste buttons to decorate your home. You can use these buttons on lampshades, handmade pots, photo frames, etc. Button Craft Ideas for Home Decor There are so many applications you can do with buttons. Reusing the old buttons is a […]

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10 Best Embroidery Craft Ideas Flowers Design

#shilpidea_0080 For wall decoration embroidery designs paintings are good. If you do embroidery ten try these designs. You can also buy some of these from Etsy store. 1. Embroidery Flower Design 2. Embroidery Flower Design 3. Embroidery Flower Design 4. Embroidery Flower Design 5. Embroidery Flower Design 6. Embroidery Flower Design 7. Embroidery Flower Design […]

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Pebbles Stone Paintings for Home Decor

#shilpidea_0077 Pebbles are natural and paintings made by these pebbles look natural and beautiful. These are some pebbles paintings and ideas you can make for home decorations.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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Warli Painting for Home Decor

#shilpidea_0076 Warli painting is a Tribal Art from Maharashtra. It is used to decor home walls. But now warli paintings are famous worldwide. Many artists making these paintings on selling these on eCommerce Place like Etsy. You can also buy some of these from Etsy.                     […]

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Glass Bottle Decoration Ideas

#shilpidea_0074 You can make beautiful home decor goods with glass bottles and rope. You can use old glass bottles or you can use waste plastic bottles also. You can decorate your table or desk.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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Embroidery Craft Ideas for Plant Lovers

#shilpidea_0069 Embroidery is a unique talent and creativity in this so amazing because this is handmade. If you love embroidery work and love plants then these are some ideas to decorate your home and walls. You can also buy many of these from Etsy Store.                     […]

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Home Decor Ideas with Seaglasses

#shilpidea_0050 Sea glasses can be found on some beaches in the world. Even you can buy them online. And you can use them to make some beautiful wall hangings for your home.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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Painted Rock Stone Cute Animals

#shilpidea_0039 If you want to paint rocks then these are beautiful ideas. You can turn your stone into cute animals and birds. These can be used to decor your home and garden.                       Happy Crafting!!!

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