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15 Toys Craft Ideas with Recycled Capes for Kids

#shilpidea_163 If you’re looking for holiday activities to play with the kids, then check out our collection of posts craft for kids.¬†Today we brought amazing recycled craft ideas for kids. When we want to make toys with recycled caps, we can use bottle caps to be the raw material. The coolest thing is that it’s […]

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10 Craft Ideas With Recycled Bottle Capes

#Shilpidea_159 Look what beautiful art you can make to decorate your kitchen or balcony.¬†They are beautiful works with recycled bottle caps.¬†If you like this idea, then stay with us to see all the creative possibilities. 10 Beautiful Sequins Art Craft Painting Ideas Craft Ideas With Recycled Bottle Capes These beautiful mandalas or designs can be […]

DIY & Tutorials

10 Creative Crafting Ideas For Old CDs

#Shilpidea_158 Have you ever imagined recycling all the CDs you have kept in wonderful decorative objects? If not yet, you don’t even need to stress, because now we’re going to show you several simple ideas with recycling CDs that with little time and the necessary materials, you can do at home and have a super […]

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10 Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Jeans

#Shilpidea_157 It’s always great to create items with recycling.¬†And with jeans, it’s no different.¬†Repurpose your jeans to create many beautiful items.¬†These are items that serve both for decoration and for making utilities. In fact, it’s perfect to reuse jeans to create a beautiful treat that you can create diverse items, such as bags, lining for […]

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Tire Recycling Planter Ideas for Garden Decoration

#Shilpidea_150 Today we’ll give information to you about rescuing a tire and turning it into a planter. However, we now give some gorgeous examples of recycled tire planters. In addition to that, we are sure that some of these will fit your balcony, garden, or terrace. There is an example of a painted with summer […]

Craft for Kids

10 Amazing Egg Box Recycling Activities For Kids

#Shilpidea_148 We will show you various educational activities with recycling for Children’s Day. There are tips and tutorials that will help you in educational games. These ideas can definitely give you a lot of cool inspiration when creating a cool activity with the kids.¬†Make and make the kids very happy and excited. The coolest thing […]

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7 Recycle Craft Ideas to Make Money

#shilpidea_0121 Today we have gathered some tips for making innovative crafts at home and selling them at craft fairs or potentially online deals.¬† We have put together some products that can be effortlessly promoted. Whenever possible, replace the materials gave significantly less expensive choices, which you as of now have at home, or with elective […]

recycle-glass-bottle-ideas-shilpidea Home & Decor

18 Creative Ideas to Recycle Glass Bottles for Decoration

#shilpidea_0115 Glass bottles are great objects to reuse. So we will learn how to recycle glass bottles for decoration. Once recycled, they can serve as decorative objects, like jars for plants, containers for liquids, etc. We have brought some brilliant ideas on how to paint glass bottles, for you to decorate and make your home […]

self-watering-plant-pot-ideas-shilpidea Learn Gardening

Recycle Plastic Bottle and Make Self-Watering Plant Pots

#shilpidea_0113 Friends, today we are going to talk about the damage caused by the increasing use of plastic and how plastic bottle can be reused. We will also learn how we can use plastic bottles for making self-watering plant pots and for decoration purposes. Plastic and our environment Nowadays our environment is suffering a lot […]

gardening-ideas-plastic-bottle-shilpidea Learn Gardening

10 Best Gardening Ideas in Plastic Bottles

#shilpidea_0087 Gardening is a hobby that connects you with Nature. And the good thing about this hobby that you can do it anywhere in your home like indoor and outdoor. Another good thing is that you can recycle your waste containers or plastic bottles as planters. You can decorate them as you would like to […]

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