10 Beautiful Ideas to Make Rings with Buttons



There are many cool examples for you to use as ideas to make your handmade rings too. In that way, you will be able to create perfect jewelry to sell to your customers. And even to make accessories with handicrafts that guarantee very original results to give a shine to your look.

Learn how to make a button ring. See how you can rock the look with beautiful rings made with this easy-to-get material. It is breathtaking and it can make a difference in your look.

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You will learn to use the most beautiful buttons on your little fingers. For this, you will make very charming little rings with these buttons. If you play, your friends will be drooling and will even want to order some with you.

How to Make Ring with Button

You can see how beautiful it can be to create these rings with buttons. We will show you a super easy tutorial that can help you a lot in creating this craft with simple recycling.

128_button rings idea_2

You can reuse old buttons or create new ones. This is up to you.

Materials Required:

  • Assorted buttons
  • Ring base with support (used to make bead rings)
  • Needle and embroidery thread

Step by Step Guide

In addition to the walkthrough and a video tutorial, we have selected several ideas for you to be inspired as well. See how easy it is to make and get inspired to create beautiful rings with clothing buttons too.

128_button rings idea_3

First, you choose the buttons that you will use in your crafts. If you prefer to use several buttons on 1 ring, you must sew them beforehand.

128_button rings idea_4
Jill Dubien

Go sewing through all the holes in the buttons. Leaving them close together and aligned. Then sew them together at the pierced base of the ring. Make it very firm so as not to escape.

128_button rings idea_5

Then just put it on your finger and squirt charm around. It looks very beautiful! Best of all, when you get bored of it, just cut the seam and use another composition of buttons!

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Video Tutorial by Sriya

Watch this video tutorial and see another simple way to create rings with buttons. It is another formidable way to create handicrafts cheaply, and can even commercialize the results of your creations.

It is very cool to do these ideas in a practical and inexpensive way at home. As soon as you start doing it, you will be able to have incredible results also using all your creativity and improvisation skills.

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More Ideas for Making Ring with Button

See these ideas for making beautiful rings with buttons. You will surely fall in love with the simple and creative ways of making these rings with perfect buttons to make this type of crafts.

rings with buttons

Surely you will be able to create many beautiful projects inspired by these ideas. They are great references for you to create your rings with a lot of creativity and good taste. As soon as you start selecting the buttons, you can have a lot of nice surprises with the beautiful buttons you will find to create the rings.

128_button rings idea_13
128_button rings idea_14

Note that you can use more classic buttons as well. It looks amazing and is another way to make them look more elegant and personal. These ideas that we select with great affection are perfect to be inspired by paths and cool ideas to do in that sense.


Now it’s up to you! Also do and guarantee beautiful results in your handicrafts with the reuse of buttons. In fact, you can make many beautiful accessories with this type of crafts with recycling. And you can bet: everyone will love their different creations with buttons!

Happy Crafting!!!


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