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quilling-paper-3d-box-design-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Quilling Paper 3D Box Design Ideas

#shilpidea_0026 Love to make handmade boxes? If yes, these are some quilling box designs from creators. You can also buy some of these with the link given.                     Happy Crafting!!!

handmade-quilling-paper-3d-earrings-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Handmade Quilling Paper 3D Earrings

#shilpidea_0025 Looking for some great ideas to make quilling earrings? Here are some beautiful designs that look like 3D shapes.                     Happy Crafting!!!

quilling-miniature-3d-dolls-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful Quilling Miniature 3D Dolls

#shilpidea_0011 These are very cute dolls made with quilling paper. Some of these cute dolls you can buy from Etsy seller. You can also make your own quilling doll. You will just require some tools to make these. Quilling Tutorials for Beginners from Basics Beautiful Quilling Miniature 3D Dolls You can make beautiful quilling miniature […]

handmade-quilling-paintings-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Handmade Quilling Painting Ideas

#shilpidea_0010 These are beautiful & elegant handmade quilling designs for wall decor paintings. Try these ideas at your best. We have also started the Quilling tutorials for beginners. In these tutorials, you will learn basic shapes and leaves designs. After completing tutorials, you will be able to make your own beautiful paintings. Quilling Tutorials for […]

quilling-leaves-design-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

26 Quilling Leaves Designs Tutorial

#shilpidea_0008 Beautiful Quilling leaves designs for your projects and handmade art craft. You can learn these leaves designs by the tutorial given. We have posted links for each. After learning from these tutorials, you will be able to make beautiful quilling leaves designs. You can also make your own designs, it’s up to you. Quilling […]

handmade-quilling-paper-earrings-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Handmade Beautiful Quilling Earring Designs

#shilpidea_0004 These earrings are light, beautiful and you can make them strong and durable by protecting them with waterproof varnish. These are easy to make and you can make countless designs. It depends on you and your creativity. 16 Cute and Beautiful Paper Box Ideas for Gifts Handmade Beautiful Quilling Earring Designs We have collected […]

handmade-quilling-cards-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Best and Beautiful Handmade Quilling Card Designs

#shilpidea_0001 Handmade quilling card designs are very popular these days. These give an attractive look and the creativity of the crafters. Quilling first started from Europe and then around the world. And recently it gained attention and popularity. This happened due to increasing users on social media platforms. Because this is the only way where […]

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