10 Best and Beautiful Handmade Quilling Card Designs



Handmade quilling card designs are very popular these days. These give an attractive look and the creativity of the crafters.

Quilling first started from Europe and then around the world. And recently it gained attention and popularity. This happened due to increasing users on social media platforms. Because this is the only way where something gets attraction around the world.

Even I don’t know the name of this quilling technique eight years ago. But today I am giving free tutorials on social media.

You can also do this activity with your 3+ years kids. It is a fun activity for kids and creative crafts for adults.

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Benefits of Quilling Art

Even it enhances the development in kids in areas like:

  1. Cognitive Development (Improve various facets of the brain)
  2. Fine Motor Skill
  3. Hand and Eye Coordination
  4. Improve level of Patience since it is time-consuming
  5. A good Fun Element for next level


Handmade Quilling Cards

You can make beautiful card designs like below. You can also involve your kids and let them make something new. 

These designs are very beautiful and easy to make. You can use these designs for making your new handmade cards.

You can also reach out to the creator of these designs by clicking on images.

If you want to learn quilling from basics, then you can visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel. You can also reach out to the creator of these designs by clicking on images.


Design No 1

This is a very simple but beautiful design. You just have to make some basic shapes and then paste them on paper as you want.

handmade quilling cards

Design No 2

This is another beautiful card design. You just have to make some basic shapes and then arrange them into bird and flower designs with leaves.

handmade quilling card birds and flowers

Design No 3

Make some basic shapes and arrange them into a flower shape design. But in this design, you should use vibrant and colorful stripes to look flowers more beautiful.


Design No 4

Flowers with leaves give beautiful look to any handmade card or other creativity. So this simple handmade quilling card is just made with some basic shapes to design flowers and branches also.


Design No 5

I will say, it is the simplest but eye-catching design. Also, it will not take more enough time to complete this type of handmade cards. This card is made up of simple basic shapes. You can visit our Facebook page or watch our tutorials to learn – how to make basic shapes.


Design No 6

This looks pretty good because the colors chosen in this card are very perfect for this theme. Rest is your creativity, what you want to make. And what colors you choose to make your handmade cards.

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Design No 7

This butterfly card design is beautiful and innovative. You can also make such designs and choose different colors.


Design No 8

Simple but attractive. When I found this design, I thought that a child 5+ years can make this easier. You can involve your kids to make such designs. It will surely become a fun activity for them. 


Design No 9

Creative and Innovative. The creator of this design is creative and brilliant to choose colors. However, this design is not easy as others but any intermediate crafter can make this after some practice.

handmade quilling cards

Design No 10

This is the best design in all of these. The crafter chooses the background paper color and paper strips color very well. Additionally, the theme of the card and designs looks pretty good and eye-catching. 

handmade quilling card


So which handmade quilling cards you like most, and which one you can do easily, share your experience with us. 

Happy Crafting!!!



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