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paper-flower-design-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful Paper Flower Design Ideas for Decoration

#shilpidea_0083 Make flowers with paper and use them in decoration. You can give them elegant look by choosing vibrant colors and designs. Some of these flowers you can buy from Etsy store. Beautiful Paper Flowers Design 10 Best Paper Butterfly Design Ideas 1. Beautiful Paper Flower Pink 2. Beautiful Paper Flower Yellow This is a […]

quilling-snowflakes-design-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful Quilling Paper Snowflakes Design Ideas

#shilpidea_0082 A snowflake is a single ice crystal that has achieved sufficient size and may have amalgamated with others, then falls through the Earth’s atmosphere as snow. And in this post, you can make snowflakes with quilling paper. Some of the design ideas, you can see here. These designs are very beautiful and easy to […]

quilling-animals-activity-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Best Quilling Animals Activity Ideas for Kids

#shilpidea_0078 In this post, we are showing some quilling creation animals you can do with your kids. You can make animals with quilling paper and these will help your kids learning to learn about animals. Quilling Animals Designs These designs are really cute and easy to make. So, you can engage your kids in making […]

quilling-paper-butterfly-designs-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

10 Beautiful Quilling Paper Butterfly Design Ideas

#shilpidea_0075 Try these butterfly designs. These are really cute and beautiful designs. You can make your own designs. It depends on your creativity.                       Happy Crafting!!!

quilling-cards-tree-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Quilling Cards Tree Designs Ideas

#shilpidea_0071 Quilling cards is a good way to give wishes. If you choose designs and colors wisely then you can make a perfect and beautiful card. Some of these designs are very elegant and giving natural feelings. So you can make your own today.                       […]

quilling-earrings-nature-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Handmade Quilling Earrings Unique Ideas

#shilpidea_0064 If you love nature and want something natural to wear then these are the best designs. These designs are very unique and give an elegant natural look all the time.                       Happy Crafting!!!

quilling-3d-objects-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Quilling 3D Objects for Home Decor

#shilpidea_0061 Do you want to make some Quilling Object? If yes, these are really brilliant ideas to make some unique and beautiful 3D objects with Quilling paper.                       Happy Crafting!!!  

handmade-quilling-card-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Beautiful Handmade Quilling Card Designs

#shilpidea_0051 These are very beautiful handmade quilling cards. If you choose colors wisely, then it can give vibrant look to your creations. You can also buy some of these from Etsy shop.                       Happy Crafting!!!

quilling-earrings-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Handmade Quilling Earrings by Shilpidea

#shilpidea_0046 We made these earrings 5 years back and now you can make the same. Try these designs. You can also buy some of these earrings in our shilpidea shop.                           Happy Crafting!!!

handmade-quilling-pot-ideas-shilpidea Paper & Quilling Craft

Handmade Quilling Miniature Pots

#shilpidea_0043 Love Quilling Miniature? Try these quilling miniature pots to decor your table. These are also good ideas if you want to gift something unique and creative.             Happy Crafting!!!

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