26 Quilling Leaves Designs Tutorial



Beautiful Quilling leaves designs for your projects and handmade art craft. You can learn these leaves designs by the tutorial given. We have posted links for each. After learning from these tutorials, you will be able to make beautiful quilling leaves designs. You can also make your own designs, it’s up to you.

Quilling Tutorials for Beginners from Basics

Quilling Leaves Design Tutorial

In these tutorials, you can learn the quilling technique to make quilling leaves. These leaves you can use in paintings, cards, and other gift items. The tutorials are very easy and step-by-step illustrated. So everyone can understand very well. This tutorial is very useful, especially for beginners.



How to make – Watch on YouTube

How to make – Watch on YouTube

0008_Quilling Leaves Part
How to Make – Watch on YouTube


Happy Crafting!!!


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