Quilling Tutorials for Beginners from Basics


This post for all those who want to learn quilling from basics. You can find quilling tutorials for beginners from the basics to learn this art.

Quilling is the art to roll paper strips and turn them into a beautiful and decorative design. In this quilling technique paper strips are rolled, looped, curled, twisted to create shapes that make the design decorate greeting cards, jewelry, pictures, boxes, miniature 3D models, and more.

Beautiful Quilling Earrings Design Ideas

Quilling Tutorials for Beginners

quilling-tutorial-for-beginners-shilpideaIn these tutorials, we will teach to make basics quilling shapes and quilling leaves using quilling tools. If you are a beginner, then these tutorials are best for you to learn quilling shapes from basics.

Quilling Tools

First of all, you need to know about quilling tools. We use quilling tools to work with paper strips. These tools help us to do this art very easily. 

We make the roll, loops, curl, and twist stips to create shapes that make the design. And then decorate greeting cards, jewelry, pictures, boxes, miniature 3D models, and more.

  1. The needle used for making rolls of paper strips very easily.
  2. Coach is helpful to hold paper strips while making quilling rolls. 
  3. The mold used to mold tight quilling rolls into attractive 3D shapes. 
  4. Crimper used to make zig-zag strips by passing through its gears.
  5. Quilling Sizing Board is used to make fixed-size loose quilling rolls.
  6. Quilling Comb used for making quilling shapes by different techniques. You can also use any ordinary comb for the same purpose.




50 Basic Quilling Shapes

These are the basic shapes you can learn very easily. If you can make these shapes, then you can make so many beautiful designs. You can make jewelry, handmade cards, paintings, and miniatures. 

50 Basic Quilling Shapes Design



Part – 1: 50 Basic Quilling Shapes Tutorial


Quilling Leaves Shapes

These are very beautiful leaves shapes you can learn. We have used simple techniques to make these leaves. Watch our videos and learn beautiful leaf designs.

Part – 2: 14 Quilling Leaves Design Tutorial

Part – 3: 5 Quilling Leaves Design Tutorial

Part – 4: 7 Quilling Leaves Design Tutorial


We will add more tutorials in this post so you can keep visiting this post from time to time. If you like these tutorials then share them with your friends and your WhatsApp groups.


Happy Crafting!!!


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