10 Beautiful Paper Butterfly Design Ideas



In this paragraph, I am going to provide you some beautiful paper butterfly design ideas you can make at home.

Similarly, you can make your own invitations for birthday parties and special occasions. You can go with these sweet butterfly ideas. You can use these butterfly design ideas for family and friends.

And even though the timeline is short, you can go with a sweet butterfly theme. So we have turned to Pinterest for butterfly-related inspiration. And came across these butterfly invitation card designs.

We always find the best, beautiful, creative but easy designs. So everyone can make and do them very easily.

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Beautiful Paper Butterfly Design Ideas

Moreover, you can make similar designs and your own paper butterfly designs. Firstly, you need is paper and a paper cutter. Rest depend on you and your creativity. 

These are basic but beautiful designs. You can make it easy even if you are doing this for the first time.

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In the first step, you have to draw the outline for cutting. Once your outlines are complete then use a paper cutter or scissors very precisely.¬† Since in this activity, paper cutter or scissors is used, don’t include your underage kids.

After that, you can paste these butterflies on invitation cards and greeting cards. Above all, you can use these butterflies for decoration purposes at parties. These handmade paper butterfly ideas will give an immense look to your creations.

We are creating a printable PDF eBook for Butterfly designs. It will be easy for you to print and cut the paper.

1. Paper Butterfly Pink


2. Spray Paint Butterfly


3. Cutting Paper Butterfly


4. Cutting Design Butterfly


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5. Die Cut Paper Butterfly


6. Ribbon Paper Butterfly


7. Die Cut Butterfly

paper butterfly ideas

8. Butterfly in Circle

paper butterfly ideas
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9. Die Cut Design Butterfly

paper butterfly ideas

10. Cutting Design Butterfly

paper butterfly ideas

So, what are you thinking about? Just take paper and cutter and make your own beautiful butterfly designs. If you like these designs, then share them with your friends and social media.

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You can also follow us for more updates and learn new crafts every day. Soon we will provide a printable cutting design for butterflies.


Happy Crafting!!!



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