10 Beautiful Quilling Paper Snowflakes Design Ideas



A snowflake is a single ice crystal that has achieved sufficient size and may have amalgamated with others, then falls through the Earth’s atmosphere as snow. And in this post, you can make snowflakes with quilling paper.

Some of the design ideas, you can see here. These designs are very beautiful and easy to make.

Beautiful Quilling Paper Snowflakes

These are very simple but beautiful designs that you can make very easily.  Only matter color combinations you choose every time. You can also involve your kids to make these. This will be a fun activity for your kids.

Quilling Tutorials for Beginners from Basics

How to Make Quilling Paper Snowflakes

Making snowflakes designs are very easy. You just need quilling tools and strips. Rest creativity depends on your hand and ideas.

In all these snowflakes, very simples basic shapes used. If you want to learn these basic shapes, you can watch our Quilling Tutorials on YouTube of FB Page.

We have illustrated each basic shape step by step, so the beginners can also learn very easily.

1. Pink White

If we talk about this design, there are only four basic shapes used. Like Tear Drop, Marquise, Tight Coil, Loose Coil, and nothing else. However, In our tutorial, we taught 50 basic shapes to step by step.


2. Blue White

In this design, there are only two shapes used like Marquise and Large Marquise. There is nothing a hard work in making this design.

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3. Ocean Color

This is another design where three shapes used like Tear Drop, Long Tear Drop, and Tight Coil.

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4. Heart Shapes


5. Blue White


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6. Ocean White

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7. Blue White

quilling paper snowflakes
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8. Blue White

quilling paper snowflakes

9. Deep Blue

quilling paper snowflakes

10. Ocean Blue

quilling paper snowflakes
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Happy Crafting!!!



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